junk car removal portland oregon

junk car removal portland oregon  have been in business since January 2000.

We are a group of experienced individuals who want to help keep the world a better world by recycling your old junk car for cash.

Professional and friendly staff. We are located in Portland, Oregon.

same day service , or next day the max , with junk car removal Portland Oregon u get cash

, We are willing to serve up to 50 miles of junk car removal Portland Oregon ,

and if u have a car outside the covered area will help u out , but we cant promise u cash ,it will be a check issued to you name on the spot

by the company that we will have me and scheduled for you through our system , so u can still

call 503-200-0613 and we do the rest of the work Unlike most Cash for Junk Cars businesses we do not make you go through the hassle of driving the vehicle to an inspection point. Instead simply call us on the phone . Describe the condition of your vehicle and we will give you a top dollar offer right over the phone. It’s that simple

                                                                                     Reliable, Fast Free Towing

Our towers are trustworthy and reliable. Not only are they swift to remove your junk car, they are generally quite awesome .

We only dispatch reputable towers from your local area to pick up your vehicle. These representatives will pay you cash on the spot for your car

or pay u in check if u are out the covered area

they tow it away free of charge. We have gone to great lengths to make this process as simple, smooth and reliable as possible. It quite literally will only take minutes out of your day then the car it will be  on the way salvage yard or junk yard with barely any effort on your part. Oh and having a full pocket after we leave isn’t so bad either. So give us a call and sell your junk car today

junk car removal portland oregon

Please give us a call at 503-200-0613 for immediate help.


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